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Solar panels built over raspberry field
BayWa 100th anniversary visual
  • Forecast for 2023 confirmed once again

    Business performance in Q3 in line with expectations.

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  • Largest Fruitvoltaic-Project in Europe

    On raspberry plantation: green electricity for over 2,800 households.

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  • 100 years BayWa - 100 years of the future

    For 100 years, we have been doing what we do best: turning ideas into reality.

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The picture shows the BayWa headquarters at dusk. Through a brightly lit window, the evening celebration of Charging Night can be seen from a distance.

BayWa Mobility Solutions invites to first Charging Night

An evening full of ideas: Experts discuss the future of mobility.

For the first time, BayWa Mobility Solutions (BMS) and the Forward Concept agency hosted the Charging Night. Experts from the mobility industry and representatives from politics provided important impulses and discussed the pros and cons of new fuels such as Storm, hydrogen, LNG and eFuels. 

A machine is packaging apples automatically

125 million kilos of apples per season

More packing capacity and new technology strengthen production in New Zealand

State-of-the-art, automated and, with 1.7 hectares of roof space, one of the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere: T&G Global's new packing house in New Zealand. Around 100 million New Zealand dollars were invested in the new facility. With the construction, the BayWa Global Produce subsidiary is doubling its capacities and making itself fit for the future.

Truck driving on a street in the Netherlands

730 tonnes less CO2 with HVO100

Fossil-free diesel HVO100: Bridge technology for strongly CO2-reduced transports

In January 2022, BayWa subsidiary Cefetra B.V. and its logistics service provider Zijderlaan switched to the fossil-free fuel HVO100 for all journeys within the Netherlands and saved 730 Tonnes CO2-Emission. To sequester the same amount of CO2, you would have to plant 58,000 trees.

Portrait of Marcus Poellinger

"We can change a lot for the better."

Interview with CEO Marcus Poellinger on sustainability

Marcus Poellinger talks about sustainability in an interview. What are the major challenges of the future? How are sustainability and climate change changing BayWa's business models? The CEO of BayWa AG answers these and other important questions here.

Father with child on his arm looks at an active nuclear power plant in the distance.

The Decade that Matters 2.0

BayWa r.e. releases study

The representative study explores the biggest obstacles on the way to climate targets and asks about the impact of recent crises on the expansion of renewable energies, according to the assessment of politicians and companies.

Current Press Releases

BayWa headquarters in Munich
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Performance as expected in third quarter – BayWa confirms full-year guidance for 2023

BayWa Group reaffirms its EBIT target of between €320 million and €370 million.

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BayWa headquarters in Munich
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BayWa Group remains on course in first half of year – Board of Management confirms 2023 EBIT target

Company continues to forecast earnings of between €320 million and €370 million in the financial year 2023.

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