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Sustainability report 2023

BayWa's 10th Sustainability Report provides a comprehensive overview of the company's progress and initiatives in the area of sustainability. It highlights Group-wide data and projects from all fully consolidated companies.

Satellite image shows front line in Ukraine through agriculture

Ukraine war: Almost 7% less arable land – consequences of the war for agriculture today

Vista GmbH, a subsidiary of BayWa AG, is using state-of-the-art technology to analyse how the Russian war of aggression is affecting agricultural production in Ukraine in the second year of the war. Among other things, almost 7% of the arable land is no longer used for agriculture and the course of the front is clearly visible on the cultivation maps.

Windshield cleaner fluid dispenser

Where drivers can fill up on windshield washing fluid – no disposable plastic, no spilling

Drivers will soon be able to fill up their windscreen washer tanks themselves at selected BayWa petrol stations and charging stations. BayWa is testing the first two windscreen cleaner dispensers in Friedberg near Augsburg, with more to follow soon in Mindelheim and Nördlingen.

Woman with two cakes

Grandma is not a vegan: How a cheesecake recipe unites worlds

Isabella Cordesmeyer loves cheesecake. It reminds her of her beloved grandma. But unlike Grandma, some of her guests are vegan, cannot tolerate lactose or are allergic to gluten. She recommends two cheesecake recipes so that everyone gets a slice of the cake. 

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€15,000 in prize money: great opportunity for young agripreneurs

Farmers around the world have a particularly important task: food security. As BayWa, we want to stand by them as a partner. Through the BayWa Foundation, we have also been supporting predominantly young agricultural scientists in Africa since 2019.

Man in front of Agri-PV-System

Agri-PV: how farmers harvest fruit and electricity at the same time

Renewable energies and agriculture can coexist – or rather exist on top of each other. Stephan Schindele, Head of Product Management Agri-PV at BayWa r.e., reveals the opportunities offered by so-called Agri-PV systems.

Woman in warehouse

Too young to run a business? Manager at the age of 21

Six years after graduating from secondary school, Magdalena Schöberl became operations manager at a BayWa building materials site. She was just 21 years old at the time. Juggling figures is at the centre of her work, as she has to calculate quotations, orders and purchase orders for her customers on a daily basis. Her age was never an issue for her team and the customers quickly got used to it.

Portrait of Marcus Pöllinger

"We can change a lot for the better." Interview with CEO Marcus Pöllinger on sustainability

Marcus Poellinger talks about sustainability in an interview. What are the major challenges of the future? How are sustainability and climate change changing BayWa's business models? The CEO of BayWa AG answers these and other important questions here.