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Agriculture & nutrition

Nourishing people and animals

We all do it several times a day: eat. Right in the middle of it: BayWa, the link between farmers and food producers. Since 1923, we have been providing farmers with everything they need to set the table for us: seeds and fertiliser, combine harvesters and milking carousels, chopping robots and drone flights. 

We market the harvest on all continents. Our customers turn wheat into bread, soya into vegan sausage, maize into animal feed and hops into beer. We transport nuts, fruit and vegetables across the oceans directly to consumers' shopping baskets. Together, we do what really matters. We feed the world.

Satellite image shows front line in Ukraine through agriculture

Ukraine war: Almost 7% less arable land – consequences of the war for agriculture today

Vista GmbH, a subsidiary of BayWa AG, is using state-of-the-art technology to analyse how the Russian war of aggression is affecting agricultural production in Ukraine in the second year of the war. Among other things, almost 7% of the arable land is no longer used for agriculture and the course of the front is clearly visible on the cultivation maps.

Beer is tapped

Will the beer of the future be alcohol-free and taste of vanilla?

Germans are drinking less and less beer or prefer non-alcoholic beers. But even without the flavour carrier alcohol, there are many ways to brew a good beer today. And there are new hop varieties that are better able to withstand climate change. So what will the beer of tomorrow taste like?

Two cakes, one candle

Grandma is not a vegan: How a cheesecake recipe unites worlds

Isabella Cordesmeyer loves cheesecake. It reminds her of her beloved grandma, her family and her home country of Brazil. However, when friends or family come to visit, the BayWa food expert sometimes changes the recipe. Because unlike Grandma, some of her guests are vegan, cannot tolerate lactose or are allergic to gluten. She recommends two cheesecake recipes so that everyone gets a slice of the cake. 

Group picture: Young female academics from Africa in colourful dresses.

15,000€ prize money: Great opportunity for young agripreneurs

Farmers around the world have a particularly important task: food security. As BayWa, we want to stand by them as a partner. Through the BayWa Foundation, we have also been supporting predominantly young agricultural scientists in Africa since 2019.

Combine harvester harvesting a grain field in the evening.

A challenging year for agriculture: Harvest 2023

First too dry, then too wet. The harvest season marks the end of a challenging year for farmers. What about the quantity and quality of the harvest? Will there be a shortage of malting barley for Oktoberfest beer? Jörg-Simon Immerz, Chief Trading Officer of BayWa AG, shares his expertise in the matter.

Apples being sorted and packed by a machine

125 million kilogrammes of apples per season!

More packing capacity and new technology strengthen production in New Zealand

State-of-the-art, automated and, with 1.7 hectares of roof space, one of the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere: T&G Global's new packing house in New Zealand. Around 100 million New Zealand dollars were invested in the new facility. With the construction, the BayWa Global Produce subsidiary is doubling its capacities and making itself fit for the future.

Agri-PV-system from above

Potatoes below, photovoltaics above

How farmers harvest fruit and electricity at the same time

Up to now, solar power has mainly been generated on roofs and specially designated fields. In the meantime, agricultural production and energy generation can also be combined. Stephan Schindele, Head of Agri-PV Product Management at BayWa r.e., reveals what this looks like and what possibilities so-called Agri-PV systems offer.

New Protein Solutions

New Protein Solutions is a business unit of BayWa AG. It focuses on trading in plant-based proteins, investing in start-ups that develop plant-based proteins or products and further development in the food sector. BayWa acts as a link between agriculture, food processing and food retail.