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IR Sustainability

Global challenges

BayWa is a company with international operations and a broad-based portfolio in the energy, agriculture and building materials sectors. As a project manager and provider of solutions, BayWa serves the basic human needs for food, energy, warmth and mobility. But these basic needs can only be met in the long term if they are in harmony with the environment and human rights. BayWa is aware of this responsibility and aims to develop sustainable solutions along the entire value chain. For BayWa, doing business responsibly means it will be fit for the future and at the same time offers business and growth opportunities.

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Sustainable growth

Alongside our sustainable growth target of generating €470 million to €520 million in EBIT by the end of 2026, BayWa aims to increase the share of EBIT from green activities to over 50% and to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions by 22% (compared with base year 2017). To achieve these goals, BayWa AG introduced an internal CO2 price as at 1 January 2023 to accelerate decarbonisation within the Group.


Sustainability strategy

BayWa enhanced its sustainability strategy in 2021 in order to rise to the global challenges The strategy sets the business’s strategic direction on the topic of sustainability for the next ten years, with the goal of making the company climate neutral by 2030. The sustainability strategy is based on four action areas: Value Creation, Environment & Climate, Employees and Society. Each action area is underpinned by relevant core topics and strategic objectives.

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Ratings & rankings

BayWa AG is an international trailblazer in the trade sector when it comes to implementing environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures. This status has repeatedly earned the company positive recognition from rating agencies. External ratings provide orientation on sustainability performance, which ultimately makes them a crucial factor in financing and investment decisions.

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Sustainable Finance

Sustainable finance plays an important role for BayWa because the Group makes use of a variety of sustainable financing instruments. After issuing a €500 million green bond in 2019, BayWa took out a €1.7 billion ESG-linked syndicated loan and placed a €350 million ESG-linked bonded loan in the financial year 2021.