Apples are further processed in a packaging plant.

125 million kilos of apples

More packing capacity and new technology strengthen production in New Zealand

State-of-the-art, automated and, with 1.7 hectares of roof space, one of the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere: T&G Global's new packing house in New Zealand. Around 100 million New Zealand dollars were invested in the new facility. With the construction, the BayWa Global Produce subsidiary is doubling its capacities and making itself fit for the future.

125 million kilogrammes of apples can be sorted and packed in the new packing house per season. That is 90 to 100 large crates per hour on one packing line - or 30 tonnes of apples. In the next step, a second packing line is to be put into operation, so that production will increase to 190 large crates per hour. You can get exciting insights into the new T&G location in an interesting video here.