Here you will find all BayWa topics relating to building and living.

Building & housing

We create living spaces for generations

Building and living are elementary components of life. People build houses because they offer them protection and security, quality of life and well-being. Construction is not just about erecting buildings. It is also about shaping the environment and utilising resources efficiently. BayWa makes an important contribution to this. Together, we are creating living spaces for this and future generations.

Building materials

Roads, bridges, tunnels: order situation in civil engineering stable despite the crisis

While residential construction is currently in crisis, the order situation in civil engineering is stable. Roads, railways, bridges and tunnels are so dilapidated in many places that they urgently need to be renovated or completely rebuilt. BayWa Bau supplies construction sites throughout Germany with materials. A business that is a lot of fun - but also requires a great deal of patience, says department head Uwe Feil.

Wood wall is being installed on concrete ground

Wood meets concrete: building houses quickly and efficiently with H2X

When it comes to housing, Germans like it solid. Most houses in this country are made of masonry or reinforced concrete. What many people don't realise: Solid construction is also possible with wood. And it's no worse. The BayWa company H2X combines the best of two worlds: Wood and reinforced concrete. In theory, even skyscrapers can be built with it.

Construction site

Building ecologically - it starts at the planning stage

Wherever construction takes place, energy flows - and CO2 is emitted as a result. As one of the largest building materials retailers in Germany, BayWa recognises its responsibility when it comes to ecological construction. Matthias Herdeg and Maurice Walgenbauch from the Services and Systems division have developed concepts for saving CO2. This starts at the planning stage, or more precisely with the selection of building materials.