Windscreen cleaner dispenser at gas station

Windscreen cleaner dispenser

Where drivers can fill up on windshield washing fluid, without any disposable plastic

Drivers can fill their windscreen washer fluid tanks directly at the windscreen cleaner fluid dispenser, no plastic canisters, no spilling. 

In a nutshell

  • Drivers will soon be able to fill up their windscreen washer tanks themselves at selected BayWa petrol stations and charging stations.
  • BayWa is testing the first two windscreen cleaner dispensers in Friedberg near Augsburg, with more to follow soon in Mindelheim and Nördlingen.
  • Billing is in euros per litre. Drivers can pay at the local shop checkout or directly at the machine by debit or credit card. 
  • The manufacturer EcoTank, which operates 1,200 such machines in a total of 19 countries, has already been able to save 480,000 kilograms of disposable plastic.
windshield washer fluid refilling terminals
The two windshield washer fluid dispensers in Friedberg near Augsburg can be seen on the left and right.
windscreen cleaner fluid dispenser
During winter, from October to April, the dispenser is filled with ani-freeze windshlied washer fluid.

How does it work?

Similar to refuelling with fuel or AdBlue, drivers can fill the cleaner directly into the designated container in the engine compartment as required, without dripping or spilling. There are two options for payment: Either as usual at the checkout in the shop or directly at the machine by debit or credit card.

What kind of windscreen cleaner does the machine dispense?

In winter, drivers need a frost-proof windscreen cleaner. This is also taken care of: in the winter season, from October to April, the cleaner contains the necessary forest protection that can withstand temperatures down to -25 degrees. From April to October, the summer blend is available again.

Where do I find windshield cleaner fluid dispensers?

The first two windscreen washer refuelling terminals have already been successfully installed in Friedberg near Augsburg – soon to be followed by Mindelheim and Nördlingen. The range is to be expanded even further.

480,000 kilograms of disposable plastic saved

EcoTank has already been successfully installed in 19 countries. A total of around 1,200 systems are currently in use worldwide. According to the manufacturer, a total of 480,000 kilograms of disposable plastic packaging has been saved so far.