Whistleblower System

Our BayWa Compliance Whistleblower system offers all employees, business partners, suppliers and their employees as well as other third parties in a professional context a protected communication channel for queries and notifications concerning compliance issues, including human rights, environmental and climate violations, occupational health and safety, corruption, antitrust, and data protection.

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All whistleblowers are expressly encouraged to approach their superior or BayWa’s compliance organisation  if they perceive a lack of clarity regarding the rules in force, have questions in this respect or notice that the conduct of somebody working for the enterprise or of one of our business partners is dishonourable or conflicts with regulations. This procedure can prevent a small problem becoming a big issue.

If a (suspected) case of suspicion is reported in good faith, the whistleblower - regardless of whether the suspicion is ultimately confirmed or not - does not have to fear any disadvantages. In particular, no retaliation or discrimination will be tolerated.