Innovation & Digitalisation

A brief profile of the Innovation & Digitalisation Segment

BayWa has prepared itself for the digital future with the development segment Innovation & Digitisation. The segment develops and markets digital products and services to raise productivity in agriculture and bundles innovation programmes and initiatives.

Digital Farming is geared towards the development and marketing of digital agricultural solutions, thereby offering farmers new opportunities to optimise operating processes and allowing them to work more cost-efficiently and sustainably. To this end, the BayWa subsidiary FarmFacts offers farmers a future-oriented and interoperable farm management system in the form of “NEXT Farming LIVE”. The Group company VISTA GmbH specialises in satellite-based remote sensing services. As a result, BayWa has the expertise to process digital data for agriculture and make it available for practical use in the field – not only in its German home market, but also in places such as Africa. Examples include accurate local projections of nutrient and water requirements, as well as harvest forecasts.

In e-business, the focus is on further advancing and optimising digital service offerings such as online purchasing on the BayWa Portal or advice apps.

BayWa brings unique satellite data competence to smart farmers globally

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Smart farming solutions open up entirely new opportunities for the agricultural sector. BayWa offers a wide range of innovative services and attractive satellite and model-based solutions for agricultural purposes.

"Digital Farming" White Paper

In our white paper, we take a look at the different facets of precision agriculture and explore tried and tested approaches for successful implementation in the field. Three Bavarian farmers and a workshop manager report on how the digital revolution is transforming their everyday working lives. Additional interviews with representatives of the agricultural trade, crop growing consultation and software development discuss the opportunities and limits of digitalisation: When does it pay for farmers to get involved? Who owns the data collected? Will consumers even accept automated farming? 

List of Group holdings

Selected Group Companies in the Innovation & Digitalisation Segment

You will find a selection of our Group Companies in the Innovation & Digitalisation Segment here. A complete overview of all subsidiaries can be found in the list of Group Holdings.