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The BayWa Group at a glance

BayWa is a globally active group with the core segments of Agriculture, Energy and Building Materials, as well as the development segment Innovation & Digitalisation. As a global player, it develops leading projects and solutions for the basic human needs of food, energy and building. The headquarters of the parent company, which was founded in 1923, are in Munich. The company originated in the area of agricultural cooperative trading, with the mission to provide rural regions with everything they require for agriculture. The cooperative spirit and regional connectedness are still immensely important for the company. Traditionally, the core markets are in southern Germany and Austria, but BayWa's international expansion has increased significantly in recent years, as part of our growth strategy. However, BayWa has since grown to become the largest agricultural trader in Germany and is one of the leading agricultural commodities trading companies in the world. The Renewable Energies business unit has become an important mainstay. BayWa r.e., which pools all activities in the field of renewable energies, has been very successful in advancing its project business worldwide.

Overview of the BayWa segments


In the Agriculture Segment, BayWa covers almost the entire value chain in agriculture. Its focus is on trade in agricultural produce and inputs, as well as on the goods, machinery and services needed for production.


The Energy Segment comprises trading activities in conventional energy sources, such as mineral-oil-based fuels and lubricants. In the field of renewable energies, it is also responsible for project business involving the construction of wind farms and solar parks, as well as the trading business involving components and systems for photovoltaic installations.

Building Materials

As one of the largest traders in Germany and Austria, the Building Materials Segment markets and sells an entire range of building materials, from construction, civil engineering and extensions, to renovation, modernisation, gardening and landscaping.

Innovation & Digitalisation

The Innovation & Digitalisation Segment pools the growth fields of digital farming and e-business and is essential to the company's future strategy. The goal is to play a leading role in Europe in the field of digital farming.

Board of Management & Supervisory Board

You can find an overview of the members of BayWa’s Board of Management and Supervisory Board here.

BayWa’s Strategy

We serve basic human needs, providing leading projects and solutions for food, energy and building.

BayWa’s Self-concept

The self-concept contains the most important strategic, ethical, legal and social principles of the BayWa Group.


Our corporate presentation provides comprehensive information on the activities of the BayWa Group, including key figures and subsidiaries.

Company Brochure

The brochure entitled "Solutions unite" uses concrete examples to show how and where BayWa already offers solutions for the challenges of our time.


Here you can find our anonymous whistleblower-system. All reports are treated confidentially.

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