Sustainability strategy

BayWa Sustainability Strategy 2030

The sustainability strategy is based on four action areas: value creation, environment and climate, employees and society (see graphic). Each action area is underpinned by relevant core topics and strategic objectives. The strategy builds on the previous sustainability strategy and also provides important new impetus: 

Core topics such as sustainable products and solutions, sustainable procurement, climate and energy, a circular economy, ecosystems, biodiversity and water indicate BayWa’s future strategic direction on the topic of sustainability. Measurable targets and measures have already been developed on some core topics and will be developed for others in the future. Information on the status quo can be found in the chapters of the current Sustainability Report, which is structured based on strategy. 

The BayWa sustainability strategy’s four action areas have the following overarching objectives

Raspberries grow under solar panels

Value creation

BayWa lives its responsibility for sustainability throughout the value chain. It wants to ensure responsible procurement and protect human rights and the environment in its supply chains. Its innovative products and services and comprehensive range of consultancy services and solutions support customers and partners in successfully implementing the requirements for doing business sustainably – environmentally, socially and economically. BayWa also wants to make its product portfolio sustainable and promote the transition to a circular economy. 

Wind turbine on a green field

Environment & Climate

BayWa wants to help create a healthy planet by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, conserving resources and acting in a way that protects the environment and biodiversity. BayWa also goes beyond the boundaries of the company and considers the value chain in all relevant environmental aspects. The group-wide BayWa Climate Strategy, which is embedded in the Sustainability Strategy, pursues reduction targets for energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

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BayWa creates a working environment for its employees that is respectful and diverse and actively promotes good, healthy and safe working conditions. BayWa supports and enables its employees in building and developing skills and expertise that equip them for working in a networked and sustainable economic world. 

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BayWa actively plays a role in shaping the transition to a sustainable society by acting transparently, promoting networking opportunities and championing forward-looking ideas and topics. It shares its knowledge and strengthens society’s awareness of sustainable living through education projects.