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BayWa AG awarded Prime Status – ISS ESG rating singles out BayWa as an industry leader in sustainability

BayWa AG is an international trailblazer in the trade sector when it comes to implementing environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. ISS ESG, one of the world’s most reputable ESG rating agencies, has awarded the company Prime Status in recognition of its sustainability performance. According to ISS, businesses that receive Prime Status are leaders in all three ESG dimensions in their respective industries and are optimally prepared to manage ESG risks and identify opportunities resulting from ESG factors.

“ESG aspects are of paramount importance to us as a company – something confirmed by BayWa’s strong showing in various sustainability ratings,” says BayWa CFO Andreas Helber. The ratings from MSCI (AA), CDP (B) and ISS ESG (Prime C+) give BayWa a strong foundation for obtaining financing and positioning itself as an investment. “Both banks and sustainability-minded investors on the equity market will take sustainability performance into even greater account when making their decisions going forward,” Helber adds. “External ratings provide orientation here, ultimately making them a crucial factor when it comes to financing and investment decisions.”

The ISS analysis is based on up to 100 rating criteria, most of which are sector-specific. The indicators used are subject to ongoing review and enhancement to take the latest scientific findings, technological advancements, regulatory changes and social considerations into account.

The ISS ESG classification system is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It examines the degree to which companies successfully implement their sustainability strategies and manage sector-specific ESG risks. The business model itself and its influence on sustainable development are also included in the score. Besides consulting information from a variety of publicly accessible sources, the ISS ESG analysts also engage in dialogue with the companies they are rating.


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