Focus on global goals

BayWa selected as one of "50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders" worldwide

The United Nations and Bloomberg have selected BayWa as one of "50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders" worldwide for its activities in sustainability and climate protection. The film, which has now been released, takes a look at how BayWa, as a traditional conglomerate in the agriculture, energy and building materials segments is driving the industry forward through sustainable innovation. 

Since 2016, BayWa has aligned its sustainability management to selected objectives of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) to adress global opportunities and risks more consistently. The 17 sustainability goals apply to all countries and are aimed at achieving sustainable development worldwide. These goals are to be reached by the year 2030.

In 2019, BayWa renewed its materiality analysis in which the central themes of the SDGs were analysed relating to the contribution the company can make to achieving them. An additional stakeholder survey provided an assessment of potential negative impacts on the environment, employees and society. The results concretise BayWa's options for action and serve as a guideline for operational measures. By 2030, BayWa aims at having made progress in the sustainable safeguarding of food (2), the creation of equal opportunities (5), the promotion of affordable and clean energy (7), the dissemination of decent work (8), responsible production, trade and consumption (12), climate protection (13) and the strengthening of peace and justice (16).

Read more about the SDGs in practice in the BayWa Sustainability Report.

  • Picture shows seven out  of the seventeen SDGs that are relevant for BayWa