Fruitvoltaic-System built over  raspberry bushes

Europe's largest Fruitvoltaic Project

A roof for raspberries: How a Dutch farmer could soon use them to supply over 2,800 households with electricity

24,206 solar modules with a record-breaking output of 8.7 MWp are being installed by farmer Martens van Hoof above his raspberry plantation. The electricity would be enough for 2,810 households.

What do the raspberries get out of it?

Farmer van Hoof does not have to forego the raspberry harvest, because: Fruitvoltaic systems are installed on stilts above the plants. This type of "roofing" does not harm the raspberries. On the contrary: the photovoltaic modules protect them from extreme weather conditions such as intense heat or hail. This means that the area is used twice and van Hoof can continue to harvest raspberries.

Positive experiences from the past

In addition to state subsidies, van Hoof himself is invested in the project – out of conviction: He had already made part of his field available for a pilot project in 2020 and had such good experiences with it that he now wants to expand the system to the rest of the plantation. It is the largest Fruitvoltaic project in Europe to date. BayWa r.e. is responsible for planning and construction together with its subsidiary GroenLeven.

Agri-PV: Solution approach for current challenges

Fruitvoltaic systems, such as those from Martens van Hoof, belong to the category of agri-PV systems. BayWa r.e. not only develops, plans and builds such plants, but also promotes the use of this method. The dual use of agricultural land is a solution to important challenges in Europe such as weather extremes, land scarcity and the growing demand for solar energy in general. Read more about the project on the raspberry plantation in the Netherlands here.