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Environment, Health and Safety

As a globally active company in the fields of construction, agriculture and food, as well as energy, BayWa has a particular responsibility towards worldwide and long-term challenges. To live up to this social responsibility, we protect the environment, human health and conserve natural resources. We reconcile economic, environmental and social requirements.

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Diversity at BayWa

Inclusion & Diversity has been a component of BayWa's ONE HR strategy since the end of 2018. BayWa does not tolerate discrimination against employees based on their origin, gender, age, physical or mental impairment or sexual orientation. With its Inclusion & Diversity Policy (I&D), which was adopted in 2019, BayWa actively acknowledges the importance of diversity within the company. This includes, among other things, the creation of a discrimination-free working environment. By signing the Diversity Charter, BayWa and BayWa r.e. have publicly committed to actively promoting a culture of mutual respect and togetherness. The aim is for every individual, with all their characteristics and abilities, to feel they belong to the company and to be able to develop their full potential. Outside the company's own walls, BayWa has maintained close social cooperation with the Pfennigparade Foundation for years. Physically disabled people take over BayWa AG's invoice receipt management, for example, or help maintain the beehives at the company's headquarters. This gives both sides the opportunity to gain valuable inclusive experience.