50 years of the BayWa logo – how Otl Aicher has continued to shape the brand to this day.

Otl Aicher is considered to be a pioneer of corporate design. Almost no other designer has had such a significant influence on the identities of large German brands.

He was the designer of the Lufthansa logo and for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Aicher never thought entirely in terms of form: “Beauty is dependent on what is right, and what is right must be developed within the best possible aesthetic framework”, he wrote in his late work “The World as Design”. 50 years ago, he designed the eye-catching green square logo, which has always shaped BayWa’s brand identity and will continue to do so in the future. Aicher thus created a timeless core design element which to this day continues to form the foundation of the design of all digital and analogue brand communication: the square nucleus of the green BayWa identity.

Though likely perceived a little differently by everyone, green has a calming effect, which is why it’s used as a positive symbol all over the world. It represents nature, growth and life itself in every culture. So it should come as no surprise that a company which has always traded in agricultural goods should have a green logo. But no one could have foreseen that Otl Aicher was thus laying the groundwork for the future.

BayWa is evolving, and with it the brand. The green logo is the constant that provides stability in a fast-changing world. Values and principles are important when it comes to finding your bearings, which is why BayWa, too, has a timeless brand core:

Unity. A profound, genuine promise to customers, employees and the next generations. A promise that endures regardless of what comes.

In line with this motto, a corporate design that brings everything together has developed around the logo: each and every visual and personal point of contact with the BayWa brand and company content should communicate this sense of unity.