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Jobs full of opportunities: Employees with their hearts in the right place.

BayWa offers jobs full of opportunities. Here, you can make a difference, at home and across the globe. Our customers rely on us as a well-established company – and talented individuals grow with us. In our diverse Agriculture, Energy, Building Materials and Innovation & Digitalisation segments, our employees apply their innovative ideas and accompany BayWa on its continuing path to success.

We offer a diverse palette of jobs full of opportunities. Individual opportunities for development and creative freedoms in the working environment strengthen BayWa's potential for innovation and demonstrate our willingness to do what it takes.

And we're not alone in this – our BayWa employees stand together as a family, providing our customers with leading-edge solutions. All this in settings dealing with basic human needs: Food, energy and construction.

Social benefits

Diverse social benefits characterise BayWa as an employer. Aside from wages, corporate social benefits continue to play an ever-increasing role. For example, BayWa grants financial aid for childcare, and provides various working time models to ensure a manageable work-life balance.

Overview of BayWa's social benefits

Internationality & locations

BayWa started almost 100 years ago as an agricultural trading company in Bavaria, Germany, and has evolved more and more over time to an international trade, services and logistics group. Nowadays, the Group is represented in over 40 countries at more than 3,000 locations. 

Jobs in Germany and abroad

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Discovering perspectives

Whether you're already an experienced professional, just starting out or still hunting for an attractive trainee position – we provide opportunities at every level.

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BayWa’s employer values


All of our employees are one big BayWa family. We put in work for basic human needs, that's what gives meaning to what we do. BayWa offers a diverse range of working time models, mobile work and flexible working hours wherever possible to provide better quality of life. 


By providing both room for creativity and individual training programmes for professional development, we enable our employees to further enhance their capabilities as well as develop new products and solutions. We always strive toward the future. 


BayWa has been its customers' closest ally and a solid employer in rural areas since 1923.

Responsibility and careers

Healthy employees at safe jobs

BayWa emphasises prevention, safety and environmental management. The BayWa Group's health management service's motto is: “Healthy employees at safe jobs”. BayWa perceives its main task in establishing healthy overall conditions, structures and processes for the workplace environment. In addition, BayWa offers preventative training sessions to maintain and increase general well-being.

The “Fit for All Fields” employee initiative was started together with FC Bayern Basketball. Focusing on the areas of physical fitness, nutrition, mental fitness and basketball knowledge, it gives employees the opportunity to improve their health in both their private and professional lives.

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Current available BayWa positions

Always up-to-date – our jobs full of opportunities. The easiest, quickest and surest way to apply to BayWa is by means of our online career portal. It takes only 5 minutes, provided you have your CV and cover letter ready.