Discovering perspectives

Innomorning at BayWa headquarter

Seminars & advanced training

Employees at BayWa are facing increasingly challenging demands, heralded by digitalisation, internationalisation and a rapidly changing working environment, which call for a constant revaluation of individual qualifications. With its various concepts and measures for personnel development, BayWa is meeting these challenges.

In addition to the BayWa seminar programme, which comprises around 70 different offers of further professional training, the HR team is also happy to explore individual development measures. The goal is to find a tailored solution for each and every employee.

Events that aim to promote innovative thinking and creativity as well as a preventive healthcare strategy are also part of the BayWa portfolio. Whether it’s health training in the region, design thinking seminars or the “BayWa InnoMorning” (breakfast format for innovation enthusiasts) at the company’s headquarters in Munich.

Personnel development programmes for future managers

BayWa supports employees in their personal development by providing classic, comprehensive development programmes:

In our Management Workshop 1, BayWa equips prospective managers with the tools required for their future role and function and thus provides a sound and stable basis for long-term success.

BayWa also provides experienced managers with an opportunity to reflect on and further explore their personal development during the Management Workshop 2, as well as examine the latest trends and factors driving modern management during the annual BayWa Leadership Forum.

The Think Tank (Ideenschmiede) is BayWa’s offer for high-potentials and key players. This is an 18-month programme which aims to combine innovation and creativity with networking and personal development.

The system-supported Qualification Management represents a key pillar for the future of BayWa. In recent years, it has become the cornerstone for an active management of talent within the company. And with the introduction of the talent management software, managers have all employee data available at their fingertips.


map of the BayWa world

Working abroad

Thanks to the international approach taken by BayWa, the number of employees working outside Germany and Austria has increased from 3% to 20% since 2008. The employee structure is characterised by an increasingly greater variety and heterogeneity. With an inclusion and diversity policy, while complying with standard anti-discrimination guidelines, the aim is to incorporate as many different perspectives as possible. The network of BayWa employees currently stretches across five continents and 33 countries.