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Generation Z @ BayWa

Who is this Generation Z? This generation born after 1995, self-confident employees with a new world view and different values enter the labour market.

With a constant apprenticeship ratio of between 9 and 10 % in recent years, BayWa is counting on young talent from its own ranks. The majority of apprentices (85%) complete their training in Germany. But BayWa also trains them in Austria, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands and even Australia.

Generation Z is growing up in the digital age with smartphones, apps, social networks, clouds, etc. The "Gen Z" is growing up in the digital age. It also strives for self-realization, freedom and would like to help shape the future. At the same time, young people are also looking for security and clear structures.

How can BayWa's corporate culture score with the employees of today and tomorrow? See for yourself - that's what BayWa relies on.

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BayWa signed the "Charta der Vielfalt" (Charter for Diversity)

BayWa signed the "Charta der Vielfalt" (Charter for Diversity). The charter confirms our commitment to promote Inclusion & Diversity within the BayWa Group.The "Charta der Vielfalt" is a voluntary commitment by employers in Germany that is supported by the German Government. Its goal is to promote diversity in all its facets within organizations.

By signing the charter, BayWa is taking a clear position both internally and externally: we stand for an open work environment free of prejudice and discrimination across all regions, business segments and functions.„Diversity is an enrichment for every individual. If each of us sees this enrichment as positive and also as an encouragement to develop ourselves further and learn more, this will also contribute to the joint success of BayWa", according to CEO Professor Klaus Josef Lutz.

We are proud of the existing diversity within BayWa's today. Around 18,000 people with more than 50 nationalities are employed at over 3,000 locations in 40 countries around the world. By proactively supporting an inclusive company culture, we will ensure our employees can contribute to our long-term success with their full potential.