Sustainability Certificate for BayWa Wood Pellets

Sustainability Certificate for BayWa Wood Pellets


Since September 2016, BayWa Premium Wood Pellets are 100% certified by PEFC.
Meaning that the shavings, which the pellets are made of, origin from sustainable forestry. The PEFC certificate gives assurance about the sustainable origin of the wood pellets to our customers. The most important goal of the PEFC chain of custody verification is to provide traceable information about the origin of the raw materials.


The abbreviation of PEFC stands for “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes“, and was founded in 1999.


Today, PEFC is the largest certification system for sustainable forestry worldwide. 258 million ha of forest is certified around the globe. In Germany two thirds of its forest is PEFC-certified (7.2 million ha).


A series of standards has to be achieved to receive the certification. As an example the PEFC-certified companies have to meet social standards regarding human rights, labour safety, forced labour and child labour.


The BayWa energy sector is very delighted in having received the certificate as a trader, because normally only producers of wood pellets and sawmills are PEFC-certified.