Promoting equal opportunities


In terms of equal opportunities, BayWa pursues the aim of securing the most suitable candidate for management positions, regardless of gender. Management teams staffed with women and men give new impetus and contribute to a diversity of perspectives in the management.


Although there are more and more women in management positions, a variety of studies show that only a few women have female role models. Idols are giving orientation to female junior employees and are encouraging them to aspire to higher positions.


Connected Women – a BayWa network for women
The kickoff for the BayWa women’s network “Connected Women” was taking place in autumn 2016. CEO Klaus Josef Lutz was opening the event and advocated the strong positioning of women in the BayWa management. Influenced by the development of new business units, new opportunities arise for women. In his role as CEO he will support and promote the empowerment of women in the group.


BayWa established the platform “Connected Women” for BayWa women to share information, ideas and experiences and to learn from each other. Women in the BayWa group are supposed to be connected and empowered at all levels to evolve their full potential.The core group of 14 experienced BayWa women in leading positions is providing the basis for this network. Functioning as ambassadors, the core team is assigned to support the women’s networking within BayWa.


Cross Mentoring – Two companies, one tandem
Companies are promoting female high potential employees by cross mentoring through providing an experienced manager. The special feature: The mentor is from a different company.
Cross mentoring Munich is a program particular for female future managers in the Munich area. The program is open for Munich’s companies that want to promote female managers through the support of mentors from the management of another company. Currently 20 companies from Munich are participating – one of them is BayWa. The female managers (mentees) are supported and promoted by experienced managers (mentors) from other participating companies. On the long run this program is supposed to encourage the development of women in responsible management positions and to increase the number of female managers. Since last year BayWa is participating in the program with two mentees and two mentors.