BayWa publishes fourth Sustainability Report


BayWa published its Sustainability Report 2017 on 9 April. It shows in a transparent and open manner how the Group reconciles environmental, economic and social responsibility and integrates sustainability aspects into its business processes. The report outlines the long-term sustainability strategy, describes the measures taken by BayWa and highlights the environmental and social progress the Group has achieved so far. 

With this report, which was once again prepared in accordance with the G4 Guidelines for sustainability reporting of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), BayWa is also implementing the requirements of the German CSR Directive Implementation Act (CSR-RUG) for the disclosure of non-financial information. This law requires that large capital market-oriented companies, banks and insurance companies with more than 500 employees also report, among other things, on their management approaches, measures and figures in the five areas of the environment, employees, society, human rights and the fight against corruption. The Sustainability Report was also audited for the first time by an auditing company.

Specific examples in the report demonstrate BayWa Group’s commitment to sustainability. For example, the use of satellite applications enables BayWa to make accurate local forecasts of nutrient and water requirements for agriculture, which conserves resources. In order to make it easier to charge electric cars and make them more attractive to use, BayWa has been working together with two charging infrastructure networks since July 2017. This means that more than 80 percent of all charging infrastructure operators in Germany are combined on one filling station card.

However, BayWa feels responsible in a way that goes beyond its own business activities. For example, its New Zealand subsidiary T&G Global is working to preserve biodiversity and planted native plants over an area of some 900 square metres in 2017. In addition, the company donated €949,000 over the past year to the BayWa Foundation, which supports educational projects relating to healthy nutrition and renewable energy. Read more about the positive results of the impact assessment on the BayWa Foundation’s “Gemüse pflanzen. Gesundheit ernten” (Planting vegetables. Harvesting health) nutrition project carried out by scientists from the Technical University of Munich.

The content of the report, like last year, refers to the sites of BayWa AG and the subsidiaries BayWa r.e. Group, Cefetra B.V., RWA AG, UNSER LAGERHAUS and T&G Global Limited. Additional companies such as CLAAS and RI-Solution GmbH were also included in the data collection this year. This brings BayWa one step closer to its aim of consolidating the entire Group into its reporting in the coming year.

Sustainability Report 2017

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