Sustainable activities in the agriculture segment

Through innovative products and services, BayWa helps its customers to meet global challenges, such as climate change and the growing global population. To this end, BayWa is driving the development of forward-looking, digital technologies for the agricultural sector.

Smart farming: Agriculture 4.0

The agricultural sector is undergoing a digital transformation. The data collected by agricultural machinery and satellites on soil conditions, water requirements and plant growth have long since been helping to calculate ideal fertiliser levels and increase yields per hectare. The BayWa subsidiary FarmFacts has now developed an interoperable system for this purpose under the name NEXT Farming. It helps farmers to collect the proper data, apply that data smartly and thereby optimise processes both on the farm and in the field. The system has a modular design and can be adjusted in line with farm size and cultivation method.

Variable Rain

An increase in heat waves and dry weather is leading to harvest losses worldwide and is making more artificial irrigation necessary. VariableRain, an application from BayWa, is ndesigned to encourage the efficient use of water and keep nan eye on crops’ individual water needs. VariableRain can be used to create irrigation maps. The satellite-based service can help save water, energy and time, and crops receive just the right amount.

BayWa Öko

BayWa has also offered organic farmers a special organic range of seed, feedstuffs, operating resources, barns and stables, and agricultural equipment through its "BayWa Öko" concept. This concept is constantly being expanded in line with our customers’ needs, which is one of the reasons why BayWa has been a member of the Biokreis organic association since mid-2018.

Certified Responsible Soya

The subsidiary Cefetra has started the Certified Responsible Soya (CRS) standard, which is a zero-deforestation standard, together with Control Union. Cefetra is the key supplier/partner of the Belgian compound feed association (BEMEFA) in their project regarding certification of responsible soya. Cefetra has been the front runner in the supply of certified responsible soya into the European market and will continue this role in the years to come. 

Laboratory for ideas of the future

The Agro Innovation Lab produced a number of forward-looking ideas in 2018. The BayWa and RWA innovation platform supported six start-ups with the goal of nexpanding their business nationally and internationally. Landpack, a Munich-based company that develops food packaging based on stalks of straw, was among the recipients.

Harvesting tomatoes in the desert

The joint venture of BayWa and Al Dahra in the United Arab Emirates harvested tomatoes under the “Mahalli” private brand for the first time in September 2018. They ripened in a climatecontrolled greenhouse and are destined for the local market, where demand is high. Local production shortens transport routes, saves CO2 and increases the country’s self-sufficiency. State-of-the-art climate-controlled greenhouses help reduce resource consumption by up to 70 per cent while increasing yields by a factor of ten compared to outdoor production.