Environment, Health and Safety

We offer a safe workplace and suitable environment for all employees, in which health and safety is a common principle. We aim to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of our employees and managers and make Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S)  an integral part of our management. Therefore our EH&S strategy needs to become a central component across all our operations.

Our EH&S strategy for 2030

We ensure the long-term health and safety of our employees and third parties, by preserving the natural environment, using resources efficiently and protecting the climate. Our strategy sets a clear direction for our goals until 2030 and works out recent challenges and potential areas for improvement. Considering our capabilities and what has the biggest impact on our company, our strategy highlights two main targets as a core focus for the future: The awareness-raising for safety topics and the health and well-being of our employees. The measurability of our strategy is key to our EH&S vision to ensure a consistent implementation and compliance.

Our main focus is on three objectives of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. By 2030, we aim at having made progress in occupational health and safety (3), the dissemination of decent work (8) and climate action (13).

  • Impact on the environment

    We ensure that the impact on the environment is reduced as much as reasonably possible by establishing appropriate processes for handling hazardous chemicals and reducing waste.

  • Healthy employees

    We ensure that our employees are physically and mentally prepared for their job through ergonomically designed workplaces and health-promoting offers as well as medical examinations.

  • Safe working environment

    We ensure a safe and healthy working environment for our employees through a preventive risk management, highest technical standards and continuous adaptation to the state of art

Focus on people

We encourage all people who are involved in BayWa's business activities to understand the requirements and effects of their work and to act appropriately. Effective protection of the environment, health and safety can only be implemented if everyone is aware of and accepts their responsibilities. In this way, we act fairly and responsibly towards customers, society and the environment.

The human being at the center is protected by a balanced multi-level system of protective measures based on the hierarchy of measures of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

  • 2022: Creating awareness.

    - management awareness-raising

    - mental health awareness campaign

  • 2025

    - digital documentation of near misses

    - increasement number of vertifications and onsite inspections

  • 2030

    - sustaineble sales, recycling, consumption

    - increasement of completed safty trainings

Consciousness and awareness for EH&S topics

We are committed to raising awareness for the topic of EH&S across all levels of our staff. We focus on our employees by involving them in identifiying and minimizing risks and encouraging them to get involved and suggest ideas for improvement.

The overall goal is to set a high standard of EH&S education within our company by introducing various management trainings. The aim is to offer implementation guidelines for our policies and encourage their application in practice. Additionally, we aim to raise the awareness of our managers for our policy and the existing high standards of our company and make them aware of current EH&S issues.

Our EH&S strategy guarantees the full implementation of BayWa´s EH&S policy including employee education. Directors and managers are responsible to ensure all requirements are met by their employees. In order to promote employee health and develop a supporting work environment, it is the obligation of our managers to take responsibility for all safety and health guidelines, policies and the EH&S strategy. After the implementation phase we aim to continuously increase the number of participating managers for our EH&S management training.

Health and well-being

Our strategy focuses on mental health maintenance and prevention programs and the continuation of high standard programs regarding the mental health of our employees. The programs address the set-up of mentally healthy workplaces and ways to effectively support people at work.

To maintain and improve mental health, we aim to prevent mental health risks across employees. Our goal is to raise awareness among directors and managers regarding mental health risks of their employees and preventional measures to assure an early detection of potential mental illnesses. To achieve this goal, we are working to improve the quality and consciousness for ist importance for our manager training in line with our mental health strategy and therby increase the number of recieved training certificates across our management. Our EH&S strategy involves the equipment of all our managers with information on how they can manage their staff and teams effectively and support them appropriately even in moments of crisis to allow our staff to perform to their full potential without affecting their mental health.

The involvement of employees in seminars is part of our strategy. Health-promoting measures for our employees must be offered on the topics of mindfulness, burnout prevention, nutrition, sport and ergonomics. To increase the number of employees using our health-promoting measures, we aim for improving their accessibility and actively encourage their use.

Supply Chain Management

The protection of the health and safety of our stakeholders and suppliers within our supply chain is important to us. By increasing the transparency across our supply chain we aim to  improve the supply chain strategies of our suppliers. This involves raising awareness for our health and safety principles at suppliers to ensure sustainable and safe supply chains within our company. At every site of the BayWa Group, subcontractors must be provided with site-specific information.