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First open industry initiative for digital trading of agricultural products launches

Cooperation between agricultural traders and unamera

A group of agricultural traders, consisting of BayWa AG, ATR Landhandel and Getreide AG, supports unamera GmbH in the development of a digital trading and processing platform for agricultural raw materials and processed agricultural products in Germany. The aim is to create a digital infrastructure which is open to all market participants, which will increase market transparency for end customers and also lead to more efficient trading processes. The operator of the trading and settlement platform is unamera GmbH, an independent Saxon start-up. A first test of the trading platform is already planned for the 2019 harvest. Following a successful test run, the next steps to expand the trading platform will be taken in compliance with antitrust regulations.

The digital trading of agricultural products should enable all participants to access a broader network of trading partners in order to increase security of supply and price transparency for end customers. The integration of logistics and processing also leads to more cost-efficient processes. Automated documentation of the flow of goods also facilitates the required traceability. The advantages of digitization are particularly evident for farmers and the processing industry such as grain mills and feed manufacturers.

“Digitalisation is opening up entirely new possibilities for the marketing of agricultural produce: trade partners are only a mouse click away, or a swipe on the smartphone,” explains unamera Managing Director, Dr. Ronny Kunz. “With this financing consortium, we have three important agricultural traders on board who can help establish this relatively new concept in Germany’s agricultural sector. Looking ahead, an expansion into Europe is possible.”

“The farming generations of today and tomorrow are very much involved in the digital side of things,” explains Klaus Josef Lutz, Chief Executive Officer of BayWa AG. “They thus expect dealers to be digitally up to speed as well. Which they are, with this new platform.”

In order for a digital marketplace to become successfully established, it requires a wide variety of products in plentiful supply. “This is best achieved by working with traders across the board, instead of taking the individual isolated approach,” says Peter Carsten Ehlers, CFO of Getreide AG.

Ludwig Striewe, Managing Director of ATR Landhandel, confirms: “The traditional trade channels between farmers, trade and industry will in future be supplemented by digital trade platforms. For the benefit of our customers, we want to design these platforms and set the course at an early stage”

Unamera GmbH

unamera GmbH is a start-up founded in Saxony in 2016. With, the young company operates an Internet platform that focuses on the digitization and automation of both trading and processing processes in the agricultural sector. The market entry took place in the area of trading in brewery raw materials, in particular malting barley, brewing malt and hop products. As part of the industry initiative with ATR Landhandel, BayWa AG and Getreide AG, the range of traded products is now broadening as trading volumes increase.


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