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BayWa subsidiary T&G Global expands its blueberry business into a premium category with global reach

The company plans to launch new varieties and generate significant sales increases in Asia this year

To further bolster its position in the international fruit trading business, BayWa AG is further expanding its activities in the “blueberry” core segment. BayWa Group company T&G Global, a market leader in New Zealand’s fruit business, announced the launch of an exclusive cultivation and marketing programme in collaboration with the New Zealand-based Plant & Food Research institute at the Fruit Logistica trade fair. T&G is also enhancing its cooperation with CarSol Export, Chile, one of the world’s leading berry producers, by transforming it into a joint venture. The primary aim is to provide fresh blueberries to the Asian market throughout the year.

As part of the company’s expansion of its partnership with Plant & Food Research, new blueberry varieties will be cultivated in future. These will produce higher yield across a longer harvest season and be more resistant to pathogens than current varieties while still retaining their size and taste. T&G is planning to launch the first of the new varieties on the market in the coming year exclusively under its “Orchard Rd” brand. The BayWa subsidiary is thereby following its strategy of expanding the blueberry business into an internationally successful premium category that generates added value from cultivation to the shop counter – just like its existing globally successful apple business, which includes the T&G premium varieties Jazz™ and Envy™.

Within the joint venture with Chilean berry producer CarSol, blueberry sales in key Asian markets are expected to increase significantly as early as this year. The biggest strength of the company, which is among the pioneers of Chilean blueberry production, is that the fruits are cultivated, packed and transported by a single entity. This allows for seamless quality control and traceability. For customers, it guarantees that a consistent range of premium berries will be available throughout the year.


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