Sun, field and windmill

Group Strategy

BayWa - Sustainable Solutions for Life

In recent years, BayWa has developed from a traditional trader into a leading international group of companies with regional ties in the core segments of energy, agriculture and building materials. There is an efficient supply and logistics chain leading from the producer to the consumer. As a trusted partner to our customers and stakeholders, we develop “Sustainable Solutions for Life”: products and solutions for the basic human needs of food, housing, warmth and mobility.

Mission: Sustainable partner for universal basic human needs

The company pursues clear target criteria for solid and profitable growth. In line with BayWa’s cooperative roots, sustainability for us means assuming corporate responsibility for the common good as well as for the interests of future generations. We are driving forward standards in these areas while remaining adaptable to new circumstances, challenges and opportunities.

Vision: Innovation and growth in the "new normal"

The shift of international political and economic power centres, climate change, the pandemic, new regulations as well as changing consumer habits and technological progress have a major impact on BayWa’s business areas. With ongoing initiatives for operational excellence, decisive digitalisation campaigns, new and diversified business models and early investments in international growth areas and start-ups, the company is positioning itself for the future.

The Renewable Energies segment is already making a strong contribution to BayWa’s success. In the years ahead, innovative sustainable solutions in the existing portfolio – for example agriculture inputs, smart farming, building or mobility solutions – as well as optimizations in our operations and processes will have an even greater impact on the Group’s results and climate strategy.