BayWa's strategy

Mission, vision, goals and strategic imperatives

Over the past few years, BayWa has grown to become an international Group. As a global player, we develop leading projects and solutions for the basic human needs of food, energy and building. As a trustworthy partner to our customers, we connect products, advice and services.

BayWa's strategy is based on our mission, vision and overarching goals. 

Our mission: We serve basic human needs, providing leading projects and solutions for food, energy and building.

The mission represents BayWa’s overriding purpose. In keeping with the corporate values of solid foundation, trust and innovation, the BayWa mission is based on a social, global mandate that must be carried out and a powerful thought that drives the company’s actions.

Our vision: For our customers, we are the trusted partner. We connect products, advice and services, enabling our customers to achieve their best.

For BayWa, the customer comes first. In our continuous development from a trading company to a global player – the BayWa Group – we rely on a close connection between products, services and advice. This combination results in products for our customers with high utility value and highly targeted customer solutions. To give a concrete example of this, the long-standing customer relationships BayWa has built up as an independent provider of resources and agricultural machinery, as a developer of smart farming solutions and through offering an entire range of solutions beyond the agricultural business across all the business units in the BayWa Group have put the company in a unique position in which we can offer farmers the best possible help.

Our goals: BayWa ensures its independence and competitiveness on the basis of its cooperative roots.

We want to further strengthen our independence and competitiveness with the best portfolio of international businesses and brands – based on sustainable entrepreneurship and our cooperative roots. We measure ourselves against clear target criteria for return on investment, profit and debt.

Our strategic imperatives: BayWa focuses on continuity, growth, digital transformation and excellence.

Our strategic imperatives take up the demands of our mission, vision and our overarching goals. The Group strategy for 2022 defines the direction BayWa will take in the upcoming years. The orientation is continuously reviewed as part of the annual strategy dialogue with the business divisions and functions.

Our strategic imperatives are as follows:

Business continuity: We are complementing our products and services to offer increasingly integrated solutions. By doing so, we are creating greater continuity in business. This strategic goal also improves efficiency throughout the Group.

New business growth: BayWa takes its customers’ needs as a starting point for the development of innovative business models. This is done based both on BayWa's own organisational resources and external partnerships, like the Agro Innovation Lab. As a result, BayWa is encouraging business growth.

Digital transformation: One of the main areas of focus in this regard is expanding our digital activities for customers. BayWa continues to push the digital transformation through in all areas. BayWa IT provides the necessary support services for this purpose. 

For BayWa, Operations & brand excellence means safeguarding our business models with a strong brand image and a powerful supply and logistics chain that leads from production to the consumer. 

Organisational excellence requires the targeted further development of expertise within the organisation and of employee skills as well as a corporate culture that embodies a sense of unity. 

Corporate value creation: At Group level, we will continue to invest in areas where performance and profitability are at their most attractive. BayWa has already successfully embarked on this path in the past, for example by investing in renewable energies at an early stage.