Strong together: The BayWa self-concept

The BayWa self-concept contains the most important strategic, ethical, legal and social principles of the BayWa Group.

The BayWa Group is continuously developing. Our present is driven by an array of trends like increasing complexity and speed, climate change, digitalisation, new technologies, globalisation and greater independence. In this ever-changing environment, we have defined a clear corporate vision and general principles that we want to adhere to. This gives us a clear concept of who we are as a company and sets concrete standards for how we work and act.

The cornerstones of our self-concept:

  • We serve basic human needs, providing leading solutions for food, energy and building. For our customers we are the close partner. We connect products, advice and services, enabling our customers to achieve their best.
  • We are the close companion. As that close companion, BayWa helps create the future to the advantage of its business partners and support them in an internationally connected environment with the best solutions for agriculture, energy and building materials.
  • We stand for trust: customer-focused expertise paired with a partnership-based attitude. We stand for solidity: financial strength and down-to-earth mentality as the basis for working sustainably. We stand for innovation: development of new products and flexible solutions to continue growing profitably for the future.
  • We feel bound to manage the company sustainably and responsibly and act as entrepreneurs within the Group. Ethically and legally impeccable behaviour forms the basis of our company culture.
  • We take responsibility for our community and environment, especially due to our roots in the cooperative movement.
  • We lead with enthusiasm and appreciation, in a goal- oriented way. We act as reliable role models, encourage independent behaviour and delegate responsibility.

This self-concept is reflected in our Code of Conduct, that forms our value system and is applicable throughout the Group as a binding Code.

In case of possible breaches of regulations, there is the opportunity to make reports through an anonymous whistleblower-system. All such reports are treated confidentially. The system is available under the following link: