New Protein Solutions

We secure tomorrow's vegetable protein supply

Three pillars in a growth market

We are at the beginning of a plant-based revolution and facing a fundamental change in our food system. The demand for vegetarian and vegan products is growing rapidly. With the New Protein Solutions business unit, BayWa takes responsibility and makes an active contribution to securing the protein supply of tomorrow in the long term.

BayWa acts as a link between agricultural production, food processing and food retailing. The business unit is divided into three areas:

  • 1. Protein trade with plant-based raw materials

    Increasing consumer demand for animal welfare, regional and easily traceable raw materials, and compliance with sustainability criteria will transform the entire food supply chain.

    BayWa is the partner of farmers and the link between production and food processing all the way to food retail.

  • 2. Investing in technology-based protein start-ups

    The growth and market for alternative protein products has been based on more or less conventional processing methods. Soon, innovative technologies will enable new possibilities for processing, but also for the generation of entirely new products and functionalities. Products will be better, demand will be higher, the market will be more mature and investments will be more attractive!

  • 3. Partnerships for integration into new processing chains

    Plant-based protein carriers have so far been used mainly in the feed sector to produce animal proteins. Their extraction and texturization into functional food products, especially meat substitutes, requires a completely new approach. 

    Targeted partnerships in protein extraction are essential to reshape the value chain.

BayWa Protein Future Report

The market potential of alternative proteins: a study of changing dietary needs and an outlook on the food market of the future.

The BayWa Protein Future Report 2022 analyzes the impact of protein change throughout the food value chain.

The aim of the report is to show the current status quo and to look ahead to future market developments. 

FUTURE FOOD - New Protein Solutions from Lab to Farm to Fork​

A discussion and networking event organized by BayWa AG in cooperation with ALPHAZIRKEL on April 27, 2022 at BayWa headquarters in Munich, Germany

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Impressions of the event (5 minutes). The full-length videos are linked below in the program.

Welcome (to video)
Professor Klaus Josef Lutz (Chairman of the Board | BayWa AG)

Keynote: "The alternative revolution gets going." (to video / to presentation)
Dr. Matthias Moser (Managing Director | Planteneers GmbH, part of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe)

Panel 1: "Because it's not sausage!" (to video)
A discussion moderated by Jörg Immerz (Head of Products | BayWa AG) on meat and meat substitutes with Axel Knau (Managing Director | Zur Mühlen Gruppe) and Ralf Schlangenotto (CFO | InFamily Foods Holding GmbH & Co.KG).

Panel 2: "Is analog cheese making a comeback?" (to video)
A discussion moderated by Dr. Rosemarie Oberschätzl-Kopp (Head of Feed & Animal Welfare | BayWa AG) on the future of dairy and alternatives with Dr. Sarah Borg (Program Manager Alternative Proteins | Hochland Gruppe), Sebastian Jeschko (Co-Founder & CTO | Kern Tec GmbH) and Norbert Weichele (Managing Director | Zentis GmbH & Co.KG).​

Tech Talk on how Computational Protein Design will shape our Future Food​ (to video / to presentation)
Dr. Ilan Samish (Founder & Managing Director I Amai Proteins Ltd.)​ 

Panel 3: "Competition or meaningful interaction?" (to video)
A discussion moderated by Dr. Albert M. Geiger (Managing Partner | ALPHAZIRKEL) about new developments of Startups & New Tech with Patrick Bühr (Head of Research and Development I Rügenwalder Mühle Carl Müller GmbH & Co. KG), Steve Grün (Managing Director | YoFix Ltd.) and Dr. Veronica Garcia-Arteaga (Co-Founder I VEgg GmbH).

Outlook​ (to video)
Marcus Pöllinger (Member of the Board of Management | BayWa AG)