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A brief profile of the Agriculture business unit

In the Agriculture business sector, BayWa covers the entire value chain from the field to the marketing of the products. Every year, it handles between 30 and 35 million tons of grain, oilseeds and feedstuffs worldwide. This makes it one of the leading European trading companies with global reach and one of the top ten worldwide. Its range of services includes international trading and logistics for selected agricultural commodities and specialties, as well as the distribution of farm and animal feed products, primarily in Germany and Austria.

In addition, with its Global Produce segment, the Group is one of the global players in fruit and vegetable trading and markets a diverse range of pome fruits, tropical fruits and other high-quality fruit and vegetable products worldwide. Machinery for agriculture and municipalities as well as the construction and maintenance of agricultural buildings and facilities are another core competence of BayWa. The offering ranges from the sale of new machinery to maintenance and repair to the marketing of used machinery.

The segments within the Agriculture business unit

  • The focus of the Agriculture business unit is the direct trading business with farmers. To this end, it supplies its agricultural customers in Germany all year with agricultural inputs that are necessary for agricultural production. For example: 

    • Seed
    • Fertiliser
    • Crop protection products
    • Feed and hygiene products for livestock farming  

    At the same time, the segment records agricultural produce such as grain, oilseed and hops after they are harvested and markets them to local and regional processors, as well as in export markets. Therefore, it has high warehousing and logistics capacities that include a connection to the Baltic Sea at the ports in Mukran and Vierow.

    With the BayWa Öko concept, the business unit also offers a special organic assortment of seeds, animal feedstuff and inputs, livestock stables and agricultural machinery. The range is expanded continuously in order to meet the customer’s needs. For this reason, BayWa has been a member of the Biokreis e. V., Germany’s fourth-largest organic agriculture association, and has been incorporated into the Bayerisches Bio-Siegel quality programme.

    Through the RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG subsidiary, which maintains close business relations with over 400 cooperative warehouses, the Agri Trade & Service business unit is also represented throughout Austria.

  • The sale of machinery, equipment and systems for agriculture, forestry and the public sector in Germany and Austria are pooled here. In addition to the sale of new and used machinery, this business unit also covers maintenance and repair services, as well as the supply of spare parts. Service is provided in approximately 170 workshops or directly on site by over 460 mobile service vehicles. Worldwide, BayWa is the largest sales partner for the AGCO Group, with its brands Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Challenger and Valtra. BayWa is also the leader in the global sale of CLAAS agricultural machinery. Its customers include farms and forestry operations, as well as vineyards, fruit farmers, municipalities and commercial enterprises. The product range includes various brands of vehicles for sweeping, cleaning and winter services, as well as mowing and sporting venue technologies.

    Along with its bricks-and-mortar stores, the business unit operates various online platforms that bring buyers and sellers together regardless of opening hours and location.

    In order to secure long-term growth potential, the Agricultural Equipment segment is currently expanding into international markets:

    • Through its subsidiary Agrimec Group B.V., BayWa has been expanding its position in the agricultural equipment business in the Netherlands since 2014.
    • Through a joint venture in the field of agricultural and logistics equipment, BayWa and Barloworld Limited, Johannesburg have been active in sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa and other neighbouring markets since 2015.
    • Since 2016, a cooperative agreement with CLAAS has existed in Canada.
  • The BayWa Global Produce GmbH business unit makes BayWa one of the leading international players in global fruit trading. Over the past few years, the acquisition of a majority stake in the New Zealand market leader T&G Global and the investment in the Dutch tropical fruit trading company TFC Holland have helped to create a global network that covers the entire fruit and vegetable marketing value chain. For BayWa’s food retail customers, this means a reliable year-round supply of fresh fruit, a wide selection of traditional and exotic fruits such as avocados and mangos, and the opening of global procurement markets. Fruit producers in Germany, New Zealand and other cultivation regions around the world benefit from attractive marketing opportunities and access to an exclusive variety of brands such as Jazz and Envy apples.

    In Germany, BayWa is the leading single seller of domestic dessert pome fruit for the food retail sector. The main recording region is the area around Lake Constance, where organically produced apples and pears account for around 15% of the annual harvest.

    As part of their specialities strategy, BayWa and Al Dahra Holding LCC, Abu Dhabi, founded a joint venture in the United Arab Emirates, in March 2017, for the efficient and resource-saving supply of premium fruit and vegetables to the region. Under the motto "Local for Local", premium tomatoes are currently being produced for the local market throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions in two climate-controlled greenhouses located in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi.


  • The Cefetra Group specialises in the international trade of grain and oilseeds and, as a supply chain manager, it covers the entire value chain, from sourcing through to logistics and sales. Our customers include:

    • local and international grain and oil mills, breweries and malt houses,
    • manufacturers of starches and animal feeds.
    • producers of biofuels and ethanol

    When it comes to the procurement and marketing of produce, BayWa possesses, thanks to its Dutch subsidiary Cefetra, a global network comprising both inland and deep water ports.

    As part of its specialities strategy, the business unit is currently expanding its operations with commodities such as starch, rice, legumes, as well as organic products through targeted acquisitions of specialty traders, such as the Tracomex Group, Premium Crops Limited and Sedaco DMCC. In this way, Cefetra Group is serving the food and feed industry’s growing demand for these products. At the same time, it is diversifying its product portfolio and makes it even more independent of the volatilities of standard exchange-traded products.

New Protein Solutions business unit

Due to changing nutritional needs and market demands, alternative proteins have gained enormous importance. This development will continue to intensify, the reshaping of the value chain in this area is already underway. With the New Protein Solutions business unit, BayWa takes responsibility and makes an active contribution to securing the protein supply of tomorrow in the long term.

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BayWa AG is refocusing its activities in the area of smart farming. Subject to the approval of the relevant authorities, the software unit NEXT Farming is to be spun off from the BayWa subsidiary FarmFacts GmbH and become part of the digitalisation strategy of the AGCO Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors and agricultural machinery.

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Selected Group Companies in the Agriculture business unit

You will find a selection of our Group Companies in the Agriculture Segment here. A complete overview of all subsidiaries can be found in the list of Group Holdings.