BayWa Smart Farming Challenge 2021

Today, satellite data provide valuable services in agriculture: we use them to fertilise and irrigate crops according to need, to plant economically optimal flower strips and to predict the next harvest weeks in advance. And the potential is far from exhausted. This is why BayWa is involved in the international Copernicus Masters competition. This year, we are once again looking for new satellite-based applications for the agricultural sector in our own "Smart Farming Challenge" category.

In the eye of a satellite

For applications in agriculture, the data from the Sentinel-2 satellites from the European Copernicus Earth Observation Programme are primarily used. These are available to anyone and everyone free of charge. But it is specialists such as BayWa subsidiary Vista GmbH that make this data usable, for example for agriculture. Real landscapes often look like abstract works of art.

Our jurors

  • Florian Appel

  • Dr. Elisabeth Becker-Löffler

  • Leonhardt Jancso

  • Katelyn Jones

  • Kristal Robles-Golan

  • Jörg Migende

  • Dr. Josef Bosch

  • Josef H. Bosch

  • Dr. Wolfgang Angermair